Сongratulations with housewarming!

_mg_0327NAWINIA Logistics family has moved into a new house. Large, cozy, comfortable. Our new office is located in one of the buildings of the Technopark ‘Otradnoe’.

Everything is unusual in this office. And first of all it is an original, sometimes even extravagant, but elaborated design of the interior. Everything is in its place, you sense the space and scale which entails the feeling of comfort and hospitality.

‘NAWINIA is a logistics family not only for the employees but also for the foreign market, so everyone must know that they will be welcomed warmly visiting us,’ - says the chairman of the board of directors Rustam Yuldashev.

Not only a sign on the front door informs you about the fact that you have come to the logistics office of the company. Bright, full in the corporate colors, interior design refers to the principal activity of the owner of the premises, to the logistics and its constituents: warehouse logistics, multimodal transport, general cargo. For example, part of the walls in the office is decorated with a sea container. Other walls are decorated with chipboard and plywood dense like the crates for transportation of goods. But most of the walls here are made of glass. Even in the office of the general director. Principles of NAWINIA work - transparency and openness - are embodied in the design of the new office.

_mg_0375'In the old office, we took separate rooms on three floors but it did not foster to efficient work and corporate cohesion. Our company is growing, new employees come and there is a great desire to unite the team even tighter. Therefore, instead of the old premises that does not meet our needs we equipped the new one - for our friendly logistics family’ – says general director Marat Zainetdinov.

 The new office quite satisfies the company's needs. Two spacious open-spaces equipped with comfortable workstations allow accommodating all employees. The large meeting room is for general and business meetings. The small meeting room is provided for private interviews. There is a mini-dining room with necessary appliances, a room for archives and even a terrace which will be used as a recreational area for employees in the summer.

5-1Natalia K., a manager for international road transport: ‘I am very pleased with the new office. The company's management is always available and you can always quickly resolve urgent issues. The office is clean, bright and spacious. Now we need to learn to take care of all this.’

 Dennis K., a distribution department manager: ‘Now I have to get up 20 minutes earlier to get to work on time. It is difficult to get used to early rise, but it is worth doing. Our office is beautiful, spacious, the workplaces are comfortable. We have seen each other in one place, and felt that the company has doubled in size.’

Of course, we know that we have to equip the office and create the comfort in it. Now, from the first minutes of staying in NAWINIA office, our customers are provided with comfort, a warm welcome and high quality of our service.

Technopark ‘Otradnoe’ is located in the North-Eastern Administrative Okrug, a five minute walk from the ‘Otradnoe’ metro station.