About the Company

NAWINIA Logistic Family was established through consolidation of several large logistic companies existing from the late 1990s. The major focus of Nawinia is a high level of quality for our clients. Nawinia’s immediate priority is to provide a real commercial value for our clients – an extensive supply-chain network covering the CIS, South East Asia, Europe and the USA. Nawinia is investing in the development of its own service-oriented infrastructure in the CIS and China.


Nawinia Logistic Family contributes to your business success by increasing the logistic service efficiency and quality.


The companies that have become Nawinia Logistic Family members:
BM-Logistics LLC, STS Asia and Uniservice Europe GmbH, Logistics & Consulting .
1999 – Formation of STS Asia.
2001 – Opening branches in Shanghai.
2001 – Opening branches in Guangzhou.
2003 – Joining WCA Association.
2005 – ISO 9001-2000 Certificate obtaining.
2012 – Formation of BM-Logistics Company.
2014 – Creation of NAWINIA Logistical Holding from the consolidation of BM-Logistics and STS Asia Companies
NAWINIA entered German logistics company Uniservice Europe GmbH, Logistics & Consulting.
Company Executives
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