«Achieving the targets in the sport, you can reach it in the business! » - interview about sport and motivation with participants of Ironstar marathon

превьюOn the 27th of August the top managers of Nawinia and chairman of the board Rustam Yuldashev have tested own strength at the Ironstar completion in the city of Kazan, having participated in marathon and sprint-triathlon. The route of triathlon includes three steps: swim for 750m, cycle race of 20km and running race for 5m. What motivates the Nawinia employees for such kind of feats? What kind of expectation do they have? How do they prepare for it? Answers to these questions are provided in our today’s news.

Oleg U. (cycle race of 20km):

«Honestly I have never ridden a bicycle professionally – but I train every week during one month. It is interesting to test own power and feel the fight spirit. Participation in such kind of event is fun and test for most of us. It is good that a certain idea which can light participants and unite them by one common target exists in the team. The forthcoming competition includes speed passing of three different sections. Some runs the route fully, others participate in the relay form like me and my colleagues. Participants of the marathon depend on each other, you feel responsibility to the team, significance of passing of own section. My part of route is cycle race».

Alexander P. (running race of 5km):

 «I go to the Ironstar completion at the first time but I used to run for long distances – I have participated in the charitable running race with other participants from our company in December of last year. I will run 5 km in the triathlon, I vigorously prepare for it. I got to trainings two times per week and I engaged with the coach. Benefit from sport training is motivation for me. Participation in the relay for me is the opportunity for own test».

Alexander G. (running race of 5km):

«I often participate in marathons and running races. I have started running from March, 2015, my maximum route is 21km. I have participated in Moscow semi marathon, Spring Thunder, Moscow Marathon, Night running race – I am glad that I can participate in such events on behalf of the company. Such events unite and create the team, set the common goal for people. You can work in different department during working days, but another communication exists here».

Rustam Yuldashev, chairman of the board of Nawinia, participates also in the event. He has chosen the most difficult, extended route consisting of all three sections: swim for 2km, cycle race of 90km and running race of 21km. Corporate correspondent service has taken interview before the forthcoming marathon.

Rustam Yuldashev (triathlon of 113km)

Reporter: Rustam, you have chosen the extended route, namely passing of three sections of the marathon. What motivates you?

Rustam: I do sports – it brings me pleasure and changes all life. Person should periodically change something in own life. When you do sports you change own schedule due to this. Setting of targets distinguishes sport from fitness. When you do sports consciously you put the final target, for example, “to run the required mileage”, “to swim distance during certain time period” – you go to that target.

Reporter: Did you prepare to the forthcoming marathon?

R: Yes, I go to training five times per week.

Reporter: How do sport activities help you in your work and the business development?

R: Achieving the set sport targets, you obtain the motivation for reaching of your targets in the business. All this is interconnected, one supports another.

Reporter: How do you treat that colleagues also participate with you in the marathon?

R: Positively. I am supporter of sport and consider that the more people pay attention to it the better