Berlin office of NAWINIA has won a tender valued at sum of 2,000,000 euro

gagarin2In May, 2015, NAWINIA (branch in Berlin) won a tender for a shipment of equipment to build a large factory manufacturing floor covering. Since June, 2015, the company have started to implement the first phase of the project. About 300 cars with high technology outsize equipment has made their way from different European countries and various manufacturers across Poland, Belarus, the Baltic states into Russia. Preparation to each delivery was made in accordance with the highest requirements. Several routes were developed up to a millimeter for smooth transition of outsize cargo within a tunnel or under a bridge. In total at this phase of the project approximately 3,000 t of industrial equipment were delivered. This means from 8 to 10 t of cargo per each car in average, including bark-stripping machine, chopper, hydraulic log processors, etc. Besides the delivery, it was necessary to organize transportation office in Europe and special authorization for outsized cargo shipment at different road sites at various regions. A great advantage is that all personnel at German office of Nawinia speaks 3 languages: Russian, English, German – this allows for fast adjustment of issues and reconciliation for a client, while a car is still at loading area. As the project peculiarities are the thorough documents checks – then even the color of invoice or signature of blue color play an important role for borders passage and processing documents at Russian customs office.
In total for the construction of the factory 1200 cars should be sent. Projected turnover of the deal is 2,000,000 euro. Planned date of the second (last) project phase to deliver the equipment for the factory is October, 2015. Thus, the transportation will have been finished by the end of warm season preventing from additional issues associated with weather conditions. On behalf of the client we do not disclose the name of the customer company.