Experience in working with Nawinia Advanta system: why our customers are interested in it?

At present, we are actively working with the customer in the discounter format. The task was to organize the delivery of products to stores through the cold chain keeping the temperature inside the vehicle, as the goods must retain their freshness and quality.

The client asked to equip vehicles with the system of Advanta as one of the conditions of carriage. We are happy to start the implementation of this system as it provides the additional confidence and security for all types of transportation:

  • There is an opportunity to track the location of vehicle via GPS
  • Sensor opening the doors immediately informs the customer about the unplanned penetration into the load compartment of the vehicle that lets take quickly necessary measures in a situation of cargo theft
  • The sensor monitors the temperature change inside the vehicle throughout the travel itinerary and regulates the temperature conditions
  • The quality control of the driver of the means of transport
  • The information comes in the client's personal account that allows to browse the status of each carriage at any time and adjust the necessary indicators

There are no so many companies on the market that work with such type of tracking system, preferring the standard recorders. We strongly believe that any new format of work providing the additional comfort for the client and his tranquility for transportation must be taken into account and implemented in practice.