Experience of NAWINIA to the Russian-Asian Cooperation

2-312Customs inspection is a very important moment for all companies doing business in the Russian market. Every participant of foreign trade activities should be aware with the possible risks.

Our adviser on Customs Questions Marina Lyakisheva shared her experience in this field with the audience of the Russian-Asian Business Forum.

Marina Vsevolodovna told the audience how to predict the risks connected with the use of information systems of customs authorities.

‘Why is it necessary to know the risk management system?’ tells about her speech at the forum Marina Lyakisheva. – It is because of the biggest expenses of the participants of foreign economic activity which arise when the Russian customs authorities begin a physical inspection of the goods - inspection. It means that the container or wagon must be placed in temporary storage warehouse, unload and distribute the goods for inspection on their own. It is well if it is a mono-product not the general cargo. For example, T-shirts should be laid out by color, articles, size and so on. And this might be done by the participant of foreign trade activities after the customs service starts its inspection.’

Quite often only the preparation for the physical inspection takes several days, and it is more, sometimes unplanned expenses. Therefore, every participant of foreign trade activities in the Russian market, leading legal business, according to Marina Lyakisheva should be able to predict such risks knowing about the criteria, approaches and what basically must be examined.

The audience was very interested in NAWINIA experience and it is natural. Most of the company employees have been working in the logistics business and international traffic more than 20 years. Other market participants can successfully make use of the gained experience.

The organizers and participants of the International Business Forum assume that the first Russia-Asia forum is certainly a significant event which confirms that the Eastern vector is a priority of Russia's foreign policy.