"Force majeure does not happen to customers of NAWINIA!" – Says Alexander Kuznetsov, Deputy Operation Director in port Vostochniy about the unusual transportation experience of a mysterious container.

04Unforeseen situations in the field of transport and logistics services are frequent, but they are unlikely to get caught off guard NAWINIA managers. As an example - the story of the unusual experience of Alexander Kuznetsov, which is told in the interview by our corporate office correspondent.

- Alexander, tell me what started this story?

- A Chinese company wanted to transport a container containing sample capsule for presenting it to their partner in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. They have already planned a route with allowed time. Unfortunately, it did not go according to their plan, as they were not able to secure the carrier, who would deliver barrel with a capsule.

- What is the difficulty to move a single container?

- According to customer, carriers deemed unprofitable transportation of one container, and either rejected to get involved or offered a hefty price. Customer even asked taxi drivers, and those, but due to the long distance, declined as well.

- Not a pretty situation. As I know, NAWINIA has found a solution?

- Yes, I have listened carefully to the customer, took his position - unforeseen situations happen to everyone in our industry is in the common thing. Of course, the task is greatly extended beyond the standard services, but for me it is not a reason to refuse. I’ve consulted with my colleagues and we decided to help to the customer in overtime.

- And how did you deal with the task in such circumstances?

- Let's say rather unconventional! It so happened that the next day I had a day off. I got up early, started my car, tuned my car’s radio to my favorite wave, loaded container on the machine and deliver the load myself.  Force majeure does not happen to NAWINIA’s customers. Total "walk" was 150 kilometers to the train station, where the container has gone straight to Krasnoyarsk. For such a trip a taxi drivers asked from customer 10,000 rubles, which he wanted to pay to me. But we’ with my colleagues decide do not take the money.

- Does that means NAWINIA sponsored the trip?

- Not sponsored, it's just different. It's not the money and the size of the parties, and not even in the amount of traffic carried by the company. In this situation, shipping of a container, key thing was just the simple human attention and assistance. Yes, it resulted in a long trip, but I had a fun myself, really. It was some action! Sometimes it is necessary to do such silliness, simply to ensure that people do not forget that they are human.

- What happened to the goods after your transportation?

- As per customer’s words, all ended up fine - container arrived to Krasnoyarsk, and they were able to present with the "visual aid". We have received a valuable partner, with whom we maintain good business relations to this day.