How to move 5.2 M tall equipment if it cannot be taking to pieces?

Many companies would not even dare to try to move it, but not NAWINIA. It took almost two months for careful preparation of the routing and supporting documentation. At the end, delivery was carried out in just two weeks as it was planned per arranged scenario.

"It was a serious responsibility. All the basic steps have to be completed before the departure date and start of the movement, so transportation itself has become just a technical process according to advance developed plan," - says Oleg Urvan, director of the NAWINIA’s project department.

To make sure that transportation is successful, we’ve inspected the whole route from port all the way to the destination. We carefully choose safest possible route to avoid high restrictions bridges, power lines, dangerous turns and other factors.

We also had to solve a number of preliminary issues relating to the transport of goods by the ocean. The standard Ro-Ro vessels cannot be used to transport the goods that high, so we’ve coordinated with the shipowner and arranged specialized vessel with extra tall holding, so we can fit our shipment. The final step was the selection of a special delivery terminal, which was able to receive freight of more than five meters in height.

“It was very delightful as a result to deliver the freight and make customer happy.” – says Oleg Urvan.