How to optimize delivery of goods by air

avia_perevozkiThe current situation in the economy provides for new opportunities to reorient the Russian enterprises towards export and makes air transport more attractive, especially for transportation of small batches of cargo (up to 2 tons).

Nowadays, due to the instability of exchange rates, it is advantageous for a cargo owner to use air cargo transportation. For example, if a cargo is delivered by sea, such delivery may take 40 to 50 days, therefore by the time the cargo is delivered, the exchange rate may change dramatically, as this has happened before this year.

In Russia the air cargo volume has demonstrated growth in 2015. However, such growth is due solely to expansion of activities by JSC "AirBridgeCargo" in transporting goods between foreign markets and this therefore does not reflect the current situation in the Russian market. The air cargo volume in Russia fell by about 15-20%, compared to the year of 2014, primarily due to lower volumes in international import freight.

In the meantime, the current situation in the economy provides for new opportunities to reorient the Russian companies towards export and makes air transport more attractive, especially for transportation of small batches of cargo (up to 2 tons). Today, offers entailing cost-effective groupage services for dispatching goods to export by railroad, road and sea transport are virtually unavailable. The "rouble" tariffs for air cargo offered by airlines allow reducing the costs for logistics included in the price of export commodities. The companies that seek only new opportunities for themselves in export business demand expedited and low-cost delivery of pilot consignments by air to the address of their new customers located abroad.

For organization of air cargo you need to know the basic features and requirements set out for air cargo transportation.

All the goods to be dispatched by air must be compulsorily subjected to security check performed by airport security staff.

Below are the basic requirements relating to a cargo transported by air:

- A cargo which packing nature and properties allow for their safety under long-term exposure to low pressure, i.e. up to 145 mm Hg, and temperature conditions ranging from -60 to + 60C, may be accepted for carriage by air. Moreover, the aircraft’s vibration and operational acceleration effects, which occur in course of flight, should be taken into account;

- In these conditions a cargo must not change their physical, chemical or other properties that may endanger the whole delivery operation, or cause damage to or loss of the cargo;

- Due to limited size of an aircraft’s luggage and cargo compartments, weight and dimensions of a cargo shall not exceed the maximal dimensions.

- Certain categories of cargoes, such as perishable, dangerous, valuable, live and wet cargoes, diplomatic materials and others, require special conditions for transportation.

If a cargo contains loose, liquid, radioactive or explosive elements, such delivery has to be accompanied with so called “Material Safety Data Sheet" document, which shall contain information on possibilities/li mitations and conditions pertaining to air transportation.

Special conditions for transportation and handling at the terminals as well as special conditions for loading and unloading may significantly affect the final cost of transportation;

- Upon international shipping of cargo by air, the consignor shall provide all necessary documents relating to exporting and importing goods to the territory of the Russian Federation. Such documents may include licenses, permits, certificates and other documents required by the laws of the Russian Federation. The consignor shall ensure that all the resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation are implemented and all the requirements of relevant state supervisory bodies are met. This also implies that the operations must comply with the rules of transportation of cargoes and their transfer to another aircraft in en-route countries.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that in foreign airfreight practice of IATA (International Air Transport Association) most countries restrict or prohibit the importation of:

  • Arms and ammunition, including firearms, military weapons, explosives and combat material;
  • Human remains;
  • Live animals;
  • Biological material, vaccines etc.;
  • Plants and plant materials;
  • Goods packed in plant materials (hay, straw, grass);
  • Obscene or pornographic literature and similar articles, newspapers;
  • Counterfeit money, stamps, securities and equipment for their production;
  • Drugs and narcotics.
  • Before dispatching the goods, it is important to get advice from the experts.

In May 2015 NAWINIA expanded their services in air transportation through merging to “AEROTUR-CARGO” air agency. From then on “AEROTUR-CARGO”- NAWINIA is able to ensure prompt delivery of urgent shipments both across Russia and abroad. Upon delivery of international import and export cargoes, the company offers the most optimal solutions in terms of a timeframe and the budget as well as ensures that all necessary customs formalities are fulfilled.

Reference Information

“AEROTOUR-CARGO”- NAWINIA operates in the market of air cargo since 2004 and is the direct agent of such airlines as Aeroflot, Emirates, Korean Air, Air Berlin etc. For customers' convenience, the office of “AEROTOUR-CARGO” -NAWINIA is located directly in the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. Company employees will be ready to advise clients on any matters as to the value and details of air freight carriage.