Method of fast documents processing, unlikely known by your competitors – we are revealing details about NAWINIA’s system of personal cabinets.

01англAs a rule, the majority of your time is spent on document related issues. For our customers we offer the use a specially designed system of personal cabinets within NAWINIA, which is capable of reducing gathering information from weeks to just a few clicks, and saving you time and hassle.

An advantage of our system is that it allows access to the personal cabinet not only to the customer, but to all involved in the process of transportation participants. Personal cabinet allows the ability to greatly streamline the interaction of all involved in the chain:


This system is Cloud-based and dramatically reduces time with paperwork: In order to create a delivery report, it is necessary just to set the required time period and to download a file with all required information. This eliminates the need of unnecessary phone calls, running courier services, the gathering process of copying and pasting the information into a single document from multiple e-mail messages, etc.

You can always look up the current location of the goods: your personal cabinet has a built-in function of GPS tracking. We can also customize for you and inform about the stages of the route through e-mail. If desired, you can receive notifications via Skype, Viber, and text messages. At any time, you can connect to the process of transportation and manage them using the application system.

NAWINIA’s personal cabinet works as a constructor - You can design and edit it to fit your needs. To create a completely new cabinet we only need a day. To add an additional unit - an hour. For complete documentation - a couple of seconds.

You can always contact us for more information:

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