Mobile customer service


Dear Friends, NAWINIA logistics family tests a new mobile service for our customers! The program allows real-time tracking of shipments throughout the route.

We believe the service will be in demand. Today the logistics market is represented by a small selection of programs that would allow to monitor the delivery process on-line.

The service is a mobile application for a driver that runs on Android and IOs platforms - just install one on your smart phone on either of these platforms. In the app, the driver will be able to see incoming orders, as well as to inform the client about each stage of delivery by selecting certain statuses-"departed to client", "arrived to client". As the driver selects "departed to client" status, the latter receives an sms or an email, or both. The letter contains a link, which opens an interface in the browser, and the client can see the route of the delivery and where the vehicle is at the moment. One can see scheduled arrival time here, with traffic jams taken into account. The interface also allows you to send a message to the driver or to call him.

The route is also watched by a manager who monitors the planned figures on the way of the freight. The manager can promptly inform the driver whether or not the app runs correctly, or even that their smart phone battery needs re-charging.

The application allows you to record the process of freight delivery - by taking photos - and in case of unforeseen circumstances to upload the necessary documents, and it also runs the function of electronic signature. In case a delivery confirmation is required, the client will be able to sign the document on the screen of their smart phone.

            "The test was successful," says NAWINIA RUS Director General Marat Zaynetdinov. -Today we have worked out two types of delivery - intracity and long-distance. The application has a convenient interface that is easy to use. Everything is simple and clear. Testing will continue for some time yet, since there are some nuances which we now work at. We want to launch the program until the end of the year, but must be sure that the service is thoroughly debugged. 

The new mobile service allows you to make the process of delivery transparent and remove redundant communication channels, say in the company. The application allows you to rate the driver's performance, ranking him on a five-point assessment system or by sending a corresponding comment. Thus, a driver rating will be formed based on the rankings. Drivers with the highest score will receive orders in the first place.