NAWINIA expands business partnership network

Logistics Holding NAWINIA has become a member of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The company gets the status of the member of Groupe CCI France Russie in the ‘bronze’ category. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NAWINIA Rustam Yuldashev noticed, this partnership opens up the new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.

‘The structure of the Franco-Russian TTP includes about 450 companies that will be not only an interesting but also useful cooperation with NAWINIA. Membership in the Franco-Russian TTP provides a lot of useful and efficient activities for business, the chance to exchange experiences, visit various enterprises and industrial facilities, thematic conferences, sectoral round tables, forums,’ says Rustam Yuldashev.

The Chamber provides the migration support, in particular, the formulation of Schengen visas that is very important for the company NAWINIA engaged in foreign economic activity, and has offices in China, Germany and the United States. Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce provides its partners with consulting and administrative support services; Analytical Center Observatory prepares materials for industry professionals. All this allows us to expand the circle of business contacts and enhance professional competence.

The issues of the customs legislation and the classification of goods according to the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Customs Union were discussed at the first meeting that was attended by NAWINA experts.

‘The meeting was very active, - says Marina Lyakisheva, Advisor on Customs questions. – Issues of nomenclature of commodities caused incredible interest among the participants, and this is understandable, because there is always something to discuss in matters of customs. In general, the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce provides great information and analytical support to its members and in this regard, cooperation with Groupe CCI France Russie can be very promising.’

In addition to membership in the Groupe CCI France Russie NAWINIA Logistics Holding is a member of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The company is planning to join the Association of European Business.