NAWINIA experts are in the open space

img_5443‘Let’s create together an open space for new ideas and solutions to improve the logistics and supply chains!’ - this motto was announced for the second conference of managers and logistics specialists which was held on November 22nd and organized by the Association for the development of logistics and supply chains of companies - manufacturers and retailers ‘Advice of professionals in the supply chains.’

NAWINIA was represented by Marat Zainetdinov, General Director of ‘NAWINIA RUS’ and Marina Lyakisheva, Advisor of the General Director of Customs Affairs.

The format of the conference suggested a live chat in groups, created by the participants. Anyone could ask the question and discuss an urgent problem. The ultimate goal of the conference was the preparation and offer to the participants the concrete plans for solutions of the pressing issues and complex cross-functional tasks to improve the logistics and supply chains.

Marina Lyakisheva raised the issue of simplification of customs procedures and the opportunity to influence the regulators in the field of customs. According to the expert, the business has big losses in customs clearance, because of facing with considerable difficulties. Subject, declared by expert was relevant.

‘Now, one pressing issue is import from Turkey, - says Nadezhda N., head of the logistics department of the company-distributor of the global sports brand. - It is open and vital. We understand the conditions and requirements that we have to perform, but they must be limited. In addition, the registration procedure takes almost a month. We would like to discuss how we can adjust to these processes and develop a mechanism.’

 ‘We have problems with the registration of goods, - shared her experience Natalia C., logistics director of the Russian office of the world's largest producer of special equipment. - Because of this there are delays in the delivery of goods, which influences on business very much. Moreover, when we have to change some long established schemes, we start the new ones and face with the same difficulties. I would like to hear the colleagues’ experience.’

 Discussion turned out very active and interesting, said Marina Lyakisheva. The group was able to develop some specific proposals, three of which were considered the most effective.

Firstly, it is the automation of all processes of customs and the participants of foreign economic activity. It will make the process ‘transparent.’ Secondly, it is the introduction of self-regulation in the sphere of foreign economic activity and in the area associated with the involvement in the activities connected with the customs carriers, temporary storage warehouses, customs representatives and authorized economic operators. And thirdly, it is an end-to-end control. This work has already been carried out by the customs and tax authorities in order to legalize imports, creating a healthy competition in the market turnover of goods.

‘These areas have to be adopted by business. Today, the participants of conference have expressed a clear understanding of their own responsibility in solving the disputes. There were the opinions that businesses need to combine their efforts and take the part of the state functions, it concerns, for example, self-regulation. And there is one way - to develop understandable rules of business on their own money, to insure the responsibility to the state and to regulate that part of the sphere which has always belonged to the state,’- said Marina Lyakisheva, Advisor to General Director of NAWINIA on customs issues.

 ‘Such events as today's conference are always interesting, - summed up Zainetdinov Marat, General Director of ‘NAWINIA RUS’. - There is an opportunity to communicate with colleagues, to know their experience in dealing with a particular problem and to share your own experience. Logistics is a very lively sector, it is constantly evolving, new trends appear in it, there are new technologies, services, therefore such an informal communication in the professional community is always helpful.’