NAWINIA has launched a new service for consolidated load


Logistics network NAWINIA launched a new functional customer service - a private home page for ordering consolidated load transportation to any locations in Russia. Web-page address -

NAWINIA service has a number of advantages.

Firstly, a comfortable and functional user account. By creating a personal account the user receives access to current updates on freight movements  - just enter the GCN number in the corresponding field and click "show". Personal account can be integrated with various CRM - systems. Throughout the entire transportation the client can see the shipping documents on-line.  Besides, upon completion of the delivery, there are three days for scans of all supporting documents to be uploaded in the user profile. Here you can see what your user profile will look like.

Secondly, the page provides a current auto-traffic flow schedule. To see when the car from your locality is to depart, select its name in the appropriate field then select "show schedule". The schedule is updated daily.

Thirdly, a detailed account of consolidated load delivery may be done by using the calculator.

"We tried to make the service for consolidated load as convenient as possible for our customers," said NAWINIA RUS Director General Marat Zaynetdinov. -We tested the page on eye-tracking equipment that allows to evaluate the product effectiveness. The page turned out to be comprehensible and functional. But if clients still have questions, our specialists are ready to consult them on the phone. For this we have a call center, 24 hour hot line phone number is shown on the page.

On this page you can also see which business segments NAWINIA provides consolidated load transportation for, conditions and the company guarantee for freight delivery. As well as request contact information of those customers who have already benefited from NAWINIA logistic family.

A similar service has been developed and is successfully operating for air freight. Looking forward, NAWINIA logistic family plans to launch several more similar services.