NAWINIA is out on the intra-European market of freight transportation

NAWINIA Berlin office is involved in a project for equipment supply for construction of a chipboard, MDF, OSB producing factory in Romania.

EU motor freight transportation market access - is a new stage of the company's development.

"Before this project, our company has not been introduced to the motor freight transportation market in Europe. We shipped freight mainly from Europe to Russia and CIS countries. These days the competition among European logistics companies is quite high - the impact of sanctions against Russia and low prices for oil. Thus, for us this project is a major breakthrough, "- says Ludmila Schumacher Derector General of NAWINIA Germany.

The main specialization of the German branch of NAWINIA is organization of freight transportation of high-tech equipment and components.

The Romanian project is meant for a year. At the initial stage NAWINIA delivers about 150 cars of equipment by two European manufacturers - a German company VITS which produces plants for paper impregnation and varnishing, and an Austrian company Scheuch specializing in high-tech solutions for air cleaning in industrial environments. 30% of freight is oversized.

The first lot of cars will depart to Romania in December - 45 VITS ones and 9 Scheuch ones. The latter will be delivered to the plant's construction site from three European countries - Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

According to Eurostatica Analytical Bureau, the volume of import motor freight transportations from the EU to the Russian Federation for 9 months of 2016 slumped 4.86%, compared to the same period of 2015. Whereas export shipments increased by 7.4%. The data is presented in the context of the 10 commodity groups.