NAWINIA: "Platon" will force carriers to revise the rates for three-tonners

NAWINIA logistic holding experts do not rule out a possibility of prices increase for carriers services, if a transit fee is introduced by federal highways for cars weighing from 3.5 to 12 tons. The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is considering this innovation, reported "Vedomosti".

According to the European classification of trucks from 3.5 to 12 tons fall into subcategory N2, such vehicles are produced by KAMAZ (43253), Iveco (EuroCargo), Mercedes-Benz (Atego), Renault (Midlum) etc. Trucks over 3.5 tonnes are usually used for delivery on small distances.

Small trucks occupy a particular niche and are in demand on the market. Share of freight transportation by medium-tonnage vehicles In the logistics holding NAWINIA is relevantly small: they are mostly used for what is called "the last mile", delivery for on-line stores and retail networks, mainly within a city and a region. If the innovation is triggered, the rates will rise to regional transport.

"I am afraid we will have to endure yet another price increase for freight services, commented the prospect NAWINIA RUS Director General Marat Zaynetdinov. - Small and medium motor transport business are extremely sensitive to an outflow of working assets and administrative costs for fee collection, the industry is working on the verge of profitability. In the 3.5 -12 tonnage vehicles segment the proportion of individual entrepreneurs is considerably higher, this means that the risk of leaving a tangible volume transport market is high. Any deficit of freight capacity, even short-term, serves as a signal to the market growth rates. Retail, namely medium-tonnage transport segment, in case of extension of "Platon" effect for this type of transport will have to prepare for rates revision on transport services.

For now a fee for 3.5 - tonners is not being discussed, - "Vedomosti" quote Vladimir Matyagin President of the Association "Gruzavtotrans" , but authorities need to learn to regard business not as a source of money for the budget, but as a partner, and explain what business will receive in return.

The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation commented that no action has been taken to introduce the fee for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons at the federal, regional and municipal roads.