Nawinia was mentioned as the most reliable operator

Our company is happy to share the good news!
Nawinia was mentioned as the most reliable operator at the recent meeting held in Istanbul and arranged by Waikiki for its partners.
Waikiki is known by virtually all young parents since this brand supplies kids clothing. The concept of the meeting was to outline main tasks for suppliers from the perspective of Waikiki’s goals.
In the course of speeches, speakers covered the subject of operational efficiency reviewed on the basis of Japanese methodologies, also the emphasis was put on the lead time – an operating speed with a breakdown into transport, customs and warehouse
Waikiki annually purports to improve operational performance and communicates it to service providers ranked among representatives of such states as Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt and others.
It was our pleasure to enlarge the collection of awards picked up from our partners. After all, it makes all the difference to receive our performance appraisal.