Nothing works as reliable as a time-tested supply chain.

03NAWINIA takes the maximum load off our customers, when it comes to customs clearance, transportation and logistics services. This same principle works successfully for many years. What is the secret of this persistence?

It is a reliable system of coordination between our offices and maturity of our supply chain. Head of the customs department Marina Polyakova explains the operation of this principle:

"We are working with many companies, including customers involved in shipments from China. Delivery of the cargo passes through our logistics network. At the same time, one of the most convenient route passes through the industrial park in Vorsino. It delivers container trains from Suzhou with 9 to 14 transit days, and every month it has about 56 container trains. Throughout the entire route from China to the point of delivery, and we are follow the safety and security of cargo. With the time-tested system, verified delivery date until up to a day. "

A clear supply chain helps NAWINIA to take on the whole spectrum of tasks: customs declaration, product placement at the warehouse, transit monitoring, product support - that is, to perform a full logistic services. Therefore, all that is required from our customers - is to provide commercial documentation. The rest is a mission for NAWINIA team.