People just go under the ball: team work of Nawinia at the “Air Cup 2016” mini-football tournament

%d0%ba%d0%be%d0%bb%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%b6Nawinia managers have participated in the annual “Air Cup” mini-football tournament for the first time in August. Passions have cooled but memories about the past event are still bright.  The interview with Oleg Urvan, Project Department Director, is presented to our attention about team, tactics and interesting discoveries in colleagues with match participant.

- Who participated in the tournament? How has Nawinia appeared among them?

Teams from companies related to airlines business: logistics, aircraft manufacturing and others have participated in “Air Cup 2016’. The event is conducted annually; it has own constant team segment, playing at the high level. Idea of participation covers quickly all staff – as it was revealed nobody was against to play football with colleagues.

- What motivated on participation and which targets did you put for yourself?

The target was cheerfulness, fun and unity of staff.

-How was the game? What do you remember most?

The game was emotionally and cheerfully despite of our loss. We have learned as the team a lot from the tournament. We are not professional players and we were not properly trained – therefore all efforts were devoted to defense of gates. It was real discovery to observe how my colleagues whom I used to see in the formal atmosphere in the office were selflessly given to the football game despite of bruises, scratches and tiredness. When the competitor launched the attack, nobody thought about rest and “sitting out” – people just went under the ball. We had only one target – win or end in a draw.  Certain patriotic inspiration was felt for the company: everyone feels each other’s shoulder, dependence from a partner, who shall give a pass – it unities the team.

- Did Nawinia team have the support team?

Yes, it was very strong support team! Our team had the greatest support team in amount of 10 people, who loudly shouted chants, our support team was heard best of all. Organizers have handed them cake as the best support team.

- What can you generally say about organization of the event?

I liked everything in the event organization. There was 20-minute break after each game; teams could have some rest, relax and also could have some snack in the cafeteria. We tried to think up tactics for the next match during breaks but there was lack of time. Generally, all left satisfied and come to the job on Monday -  half of people came like robots due to bruisers, but they were inspired and morally satisfied.