"Saving time for our customers has become a common thing," - said Oleg Urvan, director of the project department NAWINIA.

превьюIf situation requires transportation from multiple locations, NAWINIA can easily handle that. Even if the cargo has to be later assembled, we'll make sure to deliver freight on time.

"We often arrange transport from multiple locations - and follow with their coordinated delivery. It is for us a common thing, "- says Oleg Urvan. According to director of project department NAWINIA, a team accustomed to adapt to customer needs and takes into account every nuance in the development of delivery schedules, as we did in recent special transportation of equipment from Chile. Customer had completion parts shipped from Chile in addition to the main cargo shipped from the US. And customer wanted to receive it as a single product on arrival to St. Petersburg

When making arrangements for shipment, it is very important to take into account all possible risks, such as the closure of the ship, the ship's delay in transit, delayed booking placing to the shipping line, which can lead to a condition where there is no equipment.  Backup plan of action should be provided for each risk.

Taking into account the above-mentioned risks, NAWINIA experts developed transportation schedule, which put arrival of the vessels from Chile to the destination exactly one week before the arrival of the main cargo from the United States. That helped consignee to ensure that assembly of equipment was carried out on time. As a result, the customer was able to save a week of their time and avoid penalties.