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NAWINIA expanded their services in air transportation through merging to “AEROTUR-CARGO” air agency. From then on “AEROTUR-CARGO”- NAWINIA is able to ensure prompt delivery of urgent shipments both across Russia and abroad. Upon delivery of international import and export cargoes, the company offers the most optimal solutions in terms of a timeframe and the budget as well as ensures that all necessary customs formalities are fulfilled. “AEROTOUR-CARGO” -NAWINIA operates in the market of air cargo since 2004 and is the direct agent of such airlines as:

  • Aeroflot
  • Emirates
  • Korean Air
  • Air Berlin etc.

For your convenience, the office of “AEROTOUR-CARGO” -NAWINIA is located directly in the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. Company employees will be ready to advise you on any matters as to the value and details of air freight carriage.

Please contact us at avia@nawinia.com

serv-2-2 Road Transportation is a good alternative to railroad shipments if the distance does not exceed 2,000 km. That is why European Russia and Central Russia up to the Urals are the most popular destinations.
We perform both regional road transportation throughout Russia and the CIS, and international road freightage from Europe. We maintain long-term relations with proven and well-established contractors.
International road transportation from NAWINIA:

  • In/from the countries of Western and Eastern Europe, CIS and Turkey;
  • We provide tarpaulin and curtain-sided motor vehicles with 24, 82, 120 cubic meter cargo space, as well as refrigerators, isothermal bodies and container trucks;
  • Delivery of package cargoes by using consolidation warehouses in Germany and Baltic states;
  • Partnership with JSC Sovtransavto-Moscow (Rusta Holding);

Road transportation throughout Russia from NAWINIA:

  • Regional cargo shipments for manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods;
  • We provide tarpaulin and curtain-sided motor vehicles with 8-120 cubic meter cargo space, as well as refrigerators, isothermal bodies and container trucks;
  • Deliveries to chain stores, shipment of package cargoes and multistop;
  • Armed cargo escorting.

Please contact us at info@nawinia.com

serv-3-1Multimodal shipment by applying several types of transportation vehicles in a number of cases is the only possible way of delivery to reduce your costs.
NAWINIA provides all types of services, including railway and sea shipments of cargoes.
Delivery of container cargoes, road-building vehicles and equipment, including shipments by the Trans-Siberian Railroad through Vostochny/Nakhodka/Vladivostok ports;
Delivery from the countries of South East Asia by sea and further through the ports of Saint Petersburg, Ust-Lug and Black Sea ports – Odessa/Ilichevsk, Novorossisk;
Cargo transfers in ports of Baltic states, Finland, Germany and Holland.
*Our own personnel is available in key ports of Nakhodka, Vladivostok and Saint Petersburg.

Please contact us at info@nawinia.com

serv-4-1 NAWINIA is a Customs Broker License holder, and it can clear cargoes within the whole territory of the Customs Union. You will receive qualitative professional services.
Our experts will help you to choose a correct customs regime, prepare all required documents to ensure the shortest possible passage of customs procedures.

NAWINIA services include:

  • Preparation and filing of documents;
  • Online declaration of goods;
  • Filing of customs classification decisions;
  • Certification;
  • Consultations on customs legislation and foreign trade activity issues.

We can offer:

  • Certified experts;
  • A brokerage agreement in strict conformity with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Please contact us at info@nawinia.com

6sk Customs clearance: Cargo traffic optimization through a warehouse or cross docking – this is the experience we have accumulated for more than a decade. Today we have warehouses in China and Russia.
Our warehouses are located in the cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok.
NAWINIA has a wide experience in warehouse processing of various groups of goods, including clothes, footwear, spare car parts.

The warehouses provide the following services:

  • Goods packing/marking;
  • Checking quality/quantity of the goods;
  • Processing export/import documents.

Please contact us at info@nawinia.com

For project (oversize) cargo transportation you should choose a partner with an extensive work experience which will help you to accomplish a project of any complexity without any losses.
NAWINIA carries out transportation and shipment of oversize and heavy cargoes with proper elaboration of special routes and transport solutions, and filing necessary authorizations and approvals. We offer a package of services dealing with importation of big consignments of equipment:

  • Interaction and cooperation with suppliers
  • Transportation support of the project;
  • Customs clearing by applying classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service;
  • Consolidation of cargoes and their storage;
  • Insurance and minimization of risks;
  • Informing and reporting.

Please contact us at info@nawinia.com

Transportation of groupage cargoes throughout Russia by road, railroad and air transport.

Services on transportation of groupage cargoes:

  • Pick-up/delivery of cargo within a city and throughout a region;
  • Delivery to outlet chains and shopping malls;
  • Delivery to outlet chains and shopping malls;
  • 3-day free temporary storage of cargo after arrival to the destination city;
  • Agreed dates and time for delivery of cargo;
  • Any modes of operation possible, i.e. door-to-door, warehouse-to-warehouse, warehouse-to-door, door-to-warehouse;
  • Convenient billing depending on client's needs (per pallet, per kg, per cubic meter);
  • Cargo escorting by designated manager;
  • Information as to whereabouts of cargo;
  • Presentation of necessary documents through personal account on company's website;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Delivery of temperature controlled groupage cargoes;
  • Secure storage in category A warehouse;
  • Return of shipping documentation.

One of our new directions is delivery of large oversize cargo for online retailers with possibility of receiving payment either by cash on delivery or through a credit card.
Please contact us at info@nawinia.com