"The ideal supplier of logistic services" - Who is he?

"Who is the most advantageous provider of logistics service to the customer?" - A question that probably being asked by almost every one, who is in logistics. We decided that this should not be rhetorical question and then NAWINIA began its own study.

Managers of our company acted as interviewers, after listening to the foundation course by experts in the marketing field of research and behavioral psychology. In total, the survey was conducted to about 30 active using transport and logistics services companies. The survey was conducted in the format of the questionnaire. It was the first such experience for NAWINIA, and we got some interesting results, which we are willing to share with you.

The leader of the survey was the image of a company that performs quality range of services in logistics. Customers explain the importance of the choice of the quality of the work as it takes off necessity to concentrate their needs related to transportation and customs clearance. "This approach eliminates a large number of workers from the company's operations and allows cohere in global indicators," ​​–  explained the choice of our clients.

The second, most popular choice was in favor of the company, ready to offer complete logistics solutions. One of our partners provided the following argument: "Less" headache ", just one contract, which make is legally simple and easier to deal with."

No matter what achievements and benefits company have achieved, there is always a room for improvement. You need to look further, think bigger, set up new goals - and ultimately, become even closer to perfection.

Now, we offer you to decide, what kind of company should be an ideal supplier of logistics services.

"The ideal supplier of logistic services" - Who is he?

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