The medal place at the Ironstar competition: interview with participant from Nawinia

КоллажThe Ironstar competition has taken place in the city of Kazan on the 27th of August; in which Nawania managers have participated in it, taken the second place in team scoring.  We succeeded to take interview from the race participant, Alexander, and he shared his fresh impressions.

Reporter: Alexander, what do you generally think about that event?

Alexander: Marathon went positively – beautiful city, good atmosphere. The competent event arrangement played a role –  there were specially invited volunteers who prompted the routes who those who have lost. There was general meeting at the eve of the race; briefing was conducted for us and details of route passing were explained. Then gala dinner was carried out. Atmosphere was positive – I can say that it was family atmosphere.

Reporter: Was it difficult to run?

Alexander: It was not more difficult than normal. Personally I ran the relay at the first time. The relay is something new for me, certain peculiar competition in comparison with a single race – there is a certain drive. If you are one participant in the race, you assess only your power and assume approximately what kind of place you can take. Three participants of different training levels run in the relay.  When you see that team is generally strong you try to put all possible available resources.

Reporter: Was team created from Nawinia strong?

Alexander: Our created team who won was strong.

Reporter: What can you say about competitors? What kind of competitors were?

Alexander: There were people of specified caste – sportsmen let’s say. There were not only such professionals also just enthusiasts. There were 12 teams totally in the sprint at our stage; among which we have taken the third place in “absolute” and the second place as mixed team. There were both strong teams and guys who participated at the first time. Some people participated in cycle race using simple bicycles taken from local hire but not expensive road bikes. The victory was not the main goal for our team and participants of the marathon, but keeping of spirit and interesting experience were the main points in it.

Reporter: What do you remember most?

Alexander: I remember the certain fight spirit… That feeling, when you support your colleagues from team especially at the moment of the baton transfer. It was the chip which hung up on leg for us. Moments of joining of participants were brightly remembered. When the chip was transferred under shouts of the support team from Helena – she was responsible for stage of swimming – to Roman, after to me from Roman – there was an adrenaline inflow.  It was probably the most responsible and exciting moment of the relay for me.

Reporter: Was there support team who promoted for you?

Alexander: We have arrived with families. There was great support – wife, children, colleagues… The event was partially family.

Reporter: How did colleagues meet you on Monday?

Alexander: The company found out that we took the medal place – there were congratulations, pleasant words. It was great!