When is it cheaper and more profitable to send an urgent and valuable cargo using air freight? Expert opinion

Air services are seasonal and it immediately affects the cost of shipment. Oleg Ishchenko, an expert in air transportation, explains how and when it is the most profitable to send the shipment.
"If you compare the rates and cost in one certain direction, it is obvious that they are reduced in summer and while in September cargo traffic grows. The most difficult period begins in December, to the extent that the agent has100 customers waiting in queue to send one cargo. During this period, the clients are willing to buy the place for the cargo on the flight at any price, and the airline earns well providing their services in this season (November – December)" said Oleg Ischenko, the Head of the air cargo department of Nawinia.
The cheapest and fastest way to carry out air transportation is in summer as it is the best time to plan the transportation of high-value and large orders:
Higher chance of getting the desired area on plane
It is less likely to lose the cargo during the transportation by the airlines as cargo traffic is reduced and it is easier to track
Efficiency – there is no need to wait in queue for a place
It is not necessary to pay at a premium price
The lack of queues for sending