Why reinvent the teleport when there is NAWINIA? – Story of non-standard cargo transportation.

Recently we’ve received an order for transportation of Komatsu dump trucks from the United States (Peoria, Illinois) to Russia (Kola Peninsula). Due to its size and weight, machines has to be dismantled for transportation to different sets of parts in order to move it at the most cost-effective way, which could create a delay with customs clearance.

To overcome those challenges, we have created the solution:

  • Pre-planned the order for cargo delivery to the port, based on delivery terms specified in the instruction.
  • Developed advance delivery route to the Kola Peninsula, taking into account cargo specification
  • Delivered all freight by rail to the port and consolidated cargo before loading onto a vessel.
  • Arranged import customs clearance at the port of St. Petersburg, including the separate documentation for non-standard equipment truck Komatsu
  • Hired vehicles in perfect technical condition, capable of trawling special and oversized loads.
  • Customer was informed twice a day on current position and stages for the move.

After traveling around half of the world by rail, ocean and automobile on tough Russian roads, this enormous order with multiple phases was successfully delivered to customer on time. It was ready to be used in service in May.

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