«Wie Fäden ohne Knoten!» - «Everything is smooth as a thread without knots!» - the German clients so speak about us estimating the transportation quality.

«Our clients continue to cooperate with Nawinia despite of competitor offers. It can be simply explained by the following fact: we know each client as much as possible, transportation process is treated for years» - Ludmila Shumaher, General Director of Nawinia in Germany.

For instant, the route of the German client includes specific part of route of 2 km, transportation on which provides the support from police and special fixation of cargo – special loops installed on car. Transportation of details, oversized cargo is conducted – therefore everything is strictly inspected.   Other carriers who are not aware of such kind of conditions had to send own transport means in order to install loops and client lost one or four days of delivery (it is very critical for the big business).

«But there are also times when companies begin to impose own vision to client, without taking into account the client needs. «Put cargo in such way, turn sideway…» - it is fundamentally wrong. There is only one right way of transportation of cargo and we know that right way thanks to mutual cooperation» - Ludmila Shumaher says.

The German managers appreciate own time therefore it is very pleasant to hear the positive feedback regarding cooperation with our company: «10 years – runs like clockwork! » and «Wie Fäden ohne Knoten». It should be added that Nawinia is going to adhere to active communication policy with clients in the future.