About Us

NAWINIA Logistic Family was established through consolidation of several large logistic companies existing from the late 1990s.
The major focus of Nawinia is a high level of quality for our clients. Nawinia’s immediate priority is to provide a real commercial value for our clients – an extensive supply-chain network covering the CIS, South East Asia, Europe and the USA. Nawinia is investing in the development of its own service-oriented infrastructure in the CIS and China.

We want you to associate NAWINIA with the high-quality status.



See a short film about NAWINIA Logistic Family.

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Company Values

Quality – is the only value we can see for ourselves. Nawinia for clients is the quality symbol. Each client and partner of NAWINIA Logistic Family will receive everything he or she expects. And probably even more!

Our Experience

Our experience and our innovations will give you a good opportunity to compete successfully in your industry sector.